.isle of jura – cask sample – 1996-2011

A sample of an Isle of Jura whisky from ex-Bourbon barrel (#5227), drawn at 28-09-2011 at an Ian Macleod Distillers warehouse.

61,2% abv, € not for sale, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, vanilla, rosewater, marshmallows, floral, roses, spicy, cinnamon, mint, star anise, citrus, grapefruit, just a touch of smoke
Palate: hot (obviously, with that percentage), sweet, vanilla, a hint of smoke, spicy, cinnamon, anise, liquorice, citrus, oranges, marmalade
Finish: sweet, vanilla, long, slightly briny, quite bitter, citrus, oranges, marmalade
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: I am not a big fan of Isle of Jura whiskies, and this is still not helping. I am not getting much more than “okay” from this. Too bad, since the nose was promising to start with.

Many thanks to Jock Shaw for giving us this sample to explore some more Jura whiskies.


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