.compass box – great king street – batch #00-v4 (orange)

The Great King Street – the Artist’s blend from Compass Box is the company’s standard, widely available blended whisky with good value for money. The company wanted to add a second blended whisky for the same money (which turned out to be the Glasgow blend). In the meantime they had “the audience choose” which they liked better from two choices; a blue labelled and an orange labelled version. Here is my result of the latter.

so, it’s about the right one

43% abv, €30, blend, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, “thick” dark honey, citrus, oranges, cocoa, dried fruits, peach, apricots, liquorice, floral, roses
Palate: spicy, red peppers, sweet, honey, liquorice, floral, roses, rosewater
Finish: long, medium dry, spicy, red peppers, sweet, honey
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: Very likeable. This version seems to be a little more sherried than its blue sibling. Too bad both blends are no longer available but the Glasgow Blend is a good replacement/ outcome of the “battle” between the two bottlings from the experiment.
More info: Released as two, one-off experimental batches, where blue-labelled batch #TR-06 had a limited number of 3805 bottles. Batch #00-V4 received a red label on the limited number of 3439 bottles.

from the website: “Since the launch of the Artist’s Blend in 2011 we’ve been thinking about the style of the second permanent whisky in the Great King Street range. Blending provides a platform for limitless styles, so the world is our oyster.Two styles have emerged as the leading contenders – one smoky, the other lightly sherried – and so we have released a small experimental batch of each to help us decide.So, taste, savour, mix if you like; above all, share and enjoy them with your friends.Simply click here to let us know what you think. We will reveal the results, along with all the details on the two Experimental batches, in January 2014.”

a very generous sample was provided to us by Compass Box


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