.lakes distillery – gin

I am not much of a gin drinker, mainly because the distillers always seem to need to use an abundance of coriander, and I really detest coriander. Although many herbs are used in this gin – among which Cumbrian juniper, meadowsweet, hawthorn, heather and bilberry, they seem to have eased up on the coriander, which makes it quite drinkable to me.

34.7% abv, €40, gin
Nose: coriander, juniper, lavender, lime, rosemary, citrus, limoncello, oranges
Palate: oily, sweet, lemon thyme, herbal, herbal, blueberries, honey, cloves
Finish: liquorice, sweet, honey, herbal continues, cloves
Mark: +++++ 
Conclusion: not that bad, really. As stated before, I am not a big gin fan, but nonetheless, you can serve me this on – whenever it seems to be the right circumstance to drink gin. Like, Summer, when it is really hot out?

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