.tomatin – legacy

Most Tomatin starts it’s life maturing for a number of years in an ex-Bourbon barrel. Mix a number of these casks with a set of Virgin Oak casks, and you get the Tomatin Legacy.

43% abv, €30, single malt

Nose: sweet, vanilla pods, fruit, fresh citrus, lemon sherbet, a hint of oak, star anise
Palate: sweet, gentle, smooth at first – vanilla pods, spicy, white pepper, sweet pear, peardrups, herbal, anise, sweet mint, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds
Finish: sweet, honey, slightly dry, fresh sawdust, nuts, almonds
Mark: ++++/+ 
Conclusion: because of the virgin oak, I had expected more Bourbon influences, like raw wood, overly sweet vanilla and a heavy chunk of wood. The balance between the ex-Bourbon and the virgin oak casks is found on the right spot, and that is what makes this whisky very enjoyable. The nuts are a bit out of place with Tomatin, but they do not bother me.
The lack of age statement suggests she is still fairly young, but the virgin oak adds enough spice to cover for that. She is a bit strange at first, but rather enjoyable end really affordable.

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