.brenne – cask# 271

In the heart of the Cognac region in France, a third generation Cognac producer has started distilling single malt whisky. First being matured in new Limousine Oak casks and later finished in ex-Cognac casks, each cask is bottled individually, exactly when the cask is ready to be bottled.

40% abv, €40, single malt

Nose: sweet, fudge, heavy, mulled wine, cherries, red fruit, berries, blackcurrant
Palate: sweet, honey, spicy, peppers, red fruits, berries, cherries, floral, violets
Finish: sweet, berries, blackcurrant, gooseberries, long, sweet
Mark: +/++++ 
Conclusion: I imagine the sweetness comes from the ex-Cognac casks which, for me, is a bit too much. The quality seems solid though, and I am sure other expressions will be more to my liking, this just does not do the trick.
More info: We received a sample from cask# 271, bottled on 18/9/2013, about 6-7 years old. Many thanks to Bram Hoogendijk for the sample.

There is a lot more information about the whisky to be gathered from Brenne’s own website.


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