Because of my birthday, whisky-nut and fellow blogger Franck Debernardi sent me a sample of a little something, not disclosing what it was until after we had tasted it (he made me promise I would share with the Mrs). Normally, I take some time with my received samples and have then wait awhile on a shelf until I find some time, but I could not control myself any longer, and two days after receiving the bottle I had opened this generous sample.

40% abv, €150, cognac – Hors d’âge

faded, but you can still decipher
happy birthday Thomas

Nose: sweet, mint and eucalyptus, mulled apples and plum sauce, cinnamon, tobacco leaves, good cigars, sweetened green ice tea, dried prunes, dark chocolate

Palate: fresh pepper balls, slight dry, sweet, honey, floral, a hint of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, plums, mulled apples sauce
Finish: mint, eucalyptus, long, dry red wine, cinnamon, apple sauce
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: this, whatever it is, is awesome. It is a bit dry on the finish, but its long lasting flavour of mainly anything apple & mulled wine makes up for the dryness that makes you thirsty for another sip.

All that was revealed (also thanks to Gal‘s curiosity on Twitter), was that it was not a whisky, not calvados, and it has been distilled in France before Franck’s birth year (1969)… I am not sure what it can be, other than a really nice armagnac. But that is just guessing, since I have little to no experience with these noble drinks.

Thanks Franck, much appreciated, whatever it is!

Update: about five minutes after posting, Franck came back with a picture of the bottle, and once again, I was way off with my guess: it turned out to be a 50 year old cognac, followed by another five minutes of complete silence in the room, with the occasional “aah”, and “hmm”…
I learned something too; I have to study on cognacs, regions, grapes, vines… Good stuff.

Once more: thanks Franck, we owe you one…


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