.delamain – vesper xo – cognac

After I made a first note about a cognac, I decided to try a different one – the Delamain – Vesper XO, we have received some time ago from Shai.

40% abv, €150, cognac, XO Grande Champagne

Nose: sweet, sugar, vanilla, earthy, liquorice, eucalyptus, floral 
Palate: dry, sweet, sugar, thick, creamy, liquorice water, floral
Finish: liquorice, dry, thick, creamy, floral, rosewater
Mark: +++/++ 
Conclusion: it is a great drink, but from a whisky point of view, I find it all over the place. 
More info: This Grande Champagne, older than the Pale & Dry X.O, has been crafted in a different, more classic style, with a more pronounced amber colour, with bright flashes of pure gold – that is what the website says about it, I still have to learn about the cognac-lingo, so I have no clue what that says about the cognac itself.

Incidentally, the Whisky Exchange has this cognac in store, just click the banner on the side and search for “delamain vesper”.


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