.three ships – select

“The original pioneer of Three Ships, the “Select” was launched in 1977. It’s a high-quality, smooth-tasting blend of fine grain and malt South African and Scotch whiskies that have been left to age in specially selected oak casks for a minimum of three years.”

43% abv, €10*, blend

Nose: raw, young, sweet, dark honey, vanilla, fresh double cream, citrus-peel, eucalyptus. Over ice, the nose gives the idea of being in a horse stable

Palate: sweet, medium dry, rather young, honey, floral, buttercups, violets, vanilla, rosemary, lavender. Over ice, the flavours are as good as gone
Finish: short, “raw”, young, citrus, orange-peel, marmalade
Mark: ++/+++ 
Conclusion: she is okay, but nothing to stand in line for. The price alone would make it worth while though, but refrain from adding ice.

* this price is just silly; it is the converted price from South African Rand, I am pretty sure the tax and excise alone would at least double the price in Europe. Still, a good price for an excellent whisky.

a sample of this lovely blend was kindly given to us by three ships distillery manager Andy Watts


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