.the arran – 10yo

46% abv, €30, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, vanilla, citrus, floral, tangerines and limes
Palate: sweet, vanilla, sour grapes, green banana, dry, citrus, limes, unripe oranges, orange-zest and sour grape-fruits
Finish: gentle, grapes, vanilla, citrus, dry, medium long
Mark: +++/++
Conclusion: you really get your money’s worth with a bottle of this. There are much better Arran whiskies available, but she is a good whisky to start an evening with, or good as a gift for someone that wants to try something different from their standard Speyside selection. Quite distinct from many other island whiskies, since in very little of their Arran line-up peat-smoke is used, and with that she stands out with her sweet and fruity character.

This is an update of my earlier tasting note, about one year ago. Same name and age, the same label on the bottle, a slightly different composition, but very similar as to what it used to be. 

a very generous 10cl sample was supplied by the Arran for the Whisky Wire’s twitter tasting


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