.ardbeg – supernova 2010

60,1% abv, €65, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: Obviously a lot of peatsmoke, sweat and old socks at first. When continuing, there is a lot more to find; salmon, sweet strawberries and juniper berries, amongst many more different scents, that keep changing every time you put your nose in the glass.
Palate: Sweet honeycomb on the palate, with liquorice and mangos joining in. Many other sweet fruits and fruitcake have a go while ginger and gingerbread are having a party too.
Finish:  a long finish, with ash, smoke, tar and coals. Some of the honey sweetness stays too, but the high ppms really find their place in the lingering finish.
Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion:  I should have bought another bottle when it was just out and not yet ridiculously priced as it is now (like most Ardbeg’s that are on the market for a little longer than a week). She is ashy, smoky and filthy, and – just as I like it – not overly so.

More info: The Ardbeg Supernova 2010 is Ardbeg’s heaviest peated whisky with “over 100ppm”, brought onto the market at the same time as their least peated whisky: the Blasda – which can still be found in 2014.

updated on May 31st, Ardbeg day 2014. We always make a sample of a bottle of whisky when we open it, for: whenever. Now was just as good a moment as ever, although rumours have it there will be a new Supernova some day soon…

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