.ardbeg – ardbeg day

56.7% abv, €65, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour, cask strength

Nose: lots of ash, smoke and band-aids. A campfire with burning daisies and bananas.
Palate: very heavy on the band-aids. Lots of dry smoke and ash, vèry hot jalapeño peppers but with water some sweetness of honeycomb and caramel show. Some violets and bananas can be found when you’re not looking for them.
Finish: band-aids, hot and long. Later more smoke and ash pop up followed by some caramel sweetness and floral notes. A slight note of the band-aids stays.
Mark: ++/+++

Conclusion: liquid band-aids at first, she needs a lot of time to open up. She can handle a lot of water to help get rid of the pepper. Not my favourite Ardbeg.

More info: Much more expensive (€250+) as is was in 2012, this Feìs Ìle bottling of 2012 has been maturing in refill ex-Sherry casks, where previously Uigeadail has been finished in. Only 12.000 bottles have been filed and released.


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