.bunnahabhain – 8yo – heavily peated – g&m

A heavily peated version of Bunnahabhain, where the “standard” whiskies are ordinarily non-peated. She has matured in a refill ex-Sherry butt and is bottled on 18/04/2014.

43% abv, €35
single malt

Nose: She starts of with some smoke an briny notes, becoming honey-sweet rather quickly. Some fruit-notes of mango and some raisins are present in the background.
Palate: First there is a fruit-bowl, where mangos pears and bananas are most obvious. Smoke and ash join in, but not as overwhelming as on the nose.
Finish: First some sweetness and fruit, with a hint of mango. Smoke and ash pop up rather quickly but are joined by a sugary sweetness that lingers for some minutes.
Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion: This is very quaffable indeed. I would not have selected this as a rather young whisky, and would easily have guessed this quite a bit older. Find a bottle, she is worth it.


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