.kilchoman – vintage 2007

46% abv, €55, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: “Kilchoman”, salty, briny, salted butter, sweet, toffee, clover-honey, floral, heather, fresh cut barley, malt-bin, thick peat-smoke
Palate: peat-smoke, sweet, toffee, fresh, young, malty
Finish: sweet peat smoke, leather, rubber, asphalt, fruit, mango
Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion: I love the Kilchoman nose on this one, if one is allowed to characterise a nose of such immature spirit already. I mean to say immature in the best possible way, since the very young Kilchoman spirit can, just like her fellow island inhabitants Laphroaigh and Ardbeg, count herself lucky with such specifics.
One can still smell and taste the young spirit and barley notes on this six-year-old, but I fear it has something to do with what makes her especially likeable as she is today. The Kilchoman spirit has been lucky (or there is wizardry in place here) to have this much flavour from the start of her lifespan and can proudly put herself as a young contestant amongst her 200-year old counterparts of the island.

I am curious to see what the future brings for Kilchoman and would like to have a taste of a ten or fifteen year old in some years, but it wouldn’t be a sad day if the producers decide to keep doing what they are doing, and bottle their spirits at a young age.

The long and short of it is: I like this.

More info: distilled on 21/06/2007, bottled on 07/10/2007 into 10.000 bottles.


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