.jura – 1995-2010 – g&m – cc

43% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: briny, salty, sweet, fudge, soft caramel, toffee, fruity, sweet pineapple, bees-wax
Palate: spicy, hot, band-aids, briny, a whiff of smoke, metallic
Finish: long, briny, smoke, ash, band-aids
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: You know that moment that you know for certain that you bought a bottle of that wonderful whisky you once tasted on a festival, and are really, REALLY happy about it? Well this is that moment.
The only thing is – without trying it in the shop (“no, this was the one, I am sure”) or checking the picture on my phone (“I told you this is the one, I am really sure”) to find out if I was correct, I bought the “wrong” one. Turns out I should have found that other G&M series, where the Jura in the bottle is different from the distillery bottlings… Fair is fair, it is a fine whisky, but it is not the surprise I had at the time of initially tasting it on the festival.

Long story short, I am still not a fan of our average Jura, I tried it and to me she is above average – but not the surprise I was looking for and expected. I am still happy with this purchase, but it might hurt a little less when sharing this.

More info: distilled in November 1995, matured in a refilled ex-Bourbon barrel an filled into this bottle in September 2010.


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