.laphroaig – cairdeas – 2013

51.3% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: smoke, sweet, custard sugar, wine-ey, dried fruit, plums, citrus, blood-oranges
Palate: very sweet, brown sugar and honey comb, spicy, growing very hot – like jalapeños, settling down to sugar like sweetness and dried fruits including plums and peaches. Only a hint of smoke is available.
Finish: smoke, medium long, sweet, brown sugar, slight metallic, ash
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Nice one. I really like the late-arriving smoke on this particular pink edition of the annual Cairdeas bottling. She can handle a gentle splash of water, toning down the hotness quite a bit. Too much water will kill the flavours.

More info: the Cairdeas bottling is the annual Feis Ile bottling of Laphroaig. Cairdeas means friendship in Scottish-Gaelic, and the bottling is sold at the distillery shop and is normally sold in the online store to the Friends of Laphroaig in the week after the festival. This edition has an unknown maturation time, and has undergone a finish in an ex-Port cask, where it received its characteristic colour and port-wine notes.


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