.johnnie walker – blue label – 43%

43% abv, €150+, blend

Nose: sweet, vanilla, sour berries, red berries, very easy going
Palate: gentle, a hint of sweetness, vanilla, fruits, apples, pears, smooth mouthfeel, red fruits, strawberries, raspberries, brambles
Finish: smooth, sweet, vanilla, sugar, red fruit, raspberries, medium long
Mark: +++/++

Conclusion: she is quite nice, but if I had the budget, my choice would easily go to another (selection of) bottle(s). A marketing slogan in a bottle, where expensive must be exclusive. Not really my thing.

More info: from the website: “[…] The rare casks used in the blending of JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL are drawn from the largest reserves of whisky in the world. The casks are hand-selected and set aside for their exceptional quality, character and flavour. They are truly special, with only 1 in 10,000 containing whisky of sufficient character to deliver its remarkably smooth signature taste.

The rare craft that lies behind it sees today’s Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, hand-picking and skillfully blending rare whiskies, with elusive flavours, from the four corners of Scotland to produce a true work of art. Jim, part of an unbroken blending heritage stretching back over 190 years, nurtures supremely rare casks from our unparalleled reserves for as long as they take to mature to perfection, and then blends them in small batches to create this most intense and complex of whiskies. […] “

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