.amrut – kadhambam

50% abv, €65, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet, honey, dry, mint, banana, molasses, rum soaked raisins, slight smoke, vinegar, wood
Palate: strong, spicy, jalapeño peppers, milk chocolate, mint (after eights’), citrus, peach, mango, honey, dried fruit, raisins, medium dry
Finish: long, medium dry, honey, citrus, orange zest, marmalade
Mark: +++/++

Conclusion: good stuff. She can handle a drop or two of water to get her a bit toned down, so she does not attack the tastebuds as fierce as she does at first.

In a very short time, Amrut has grown from my ‘one to watch’ list into something that is a serious player that needs some more attention.

More info: She has been maturing in ex-Brandy casks, ex-Rum casks and ex-Oloroso sherry butts.

/* mission details 

primary – Get hold of more different Amrut samples to nose and taste on my own speed at home.  

secondary – Decide what bottle of Amrut to get for when my – self-imposed – boycott on buying more whiskies gets lifted.

mission details */

Fourth dram in the #FestiveDrams Twitter Tasting


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