.scallywag – batch #1

46% abv, €45, blended malt, non-chill filtered

Nose: sweet, rather young, hints of grain, salted butter, dried fruit, raisins, fresh fruit, peaches, citrus, lemons, werthers’ original
Palate: sweet, young, spicy, red peppers, corn, fresh fruit, peaches, dried fruit, raisins, sultanas, more raisins and sultanas, citrus, lemon
Finish: short, spicy, raisins and sultanas, nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts
Mark: ++/+++

Conclusion: she is a wee one, and a bit too sweet for my taste.

First whisky in the #Scallywag TwitterTasting organised once again by @TheWhiskyWire, in co-operation with Douglas Laing.

More info from the website: “Scallywag is a Small Batch bottling created using only the finest Speyside Malts including – amongst others – Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes.

the 1st EVER Douglas Laing Fox Terrier: “Frisky” Circa 1955

Bottled at 46% alcohol strength and non chill-filtered, this Small Batch bottling has a distinct rich, dark colour – extracted from the many fine Spanish Sherry Butts used during maturation. The result is a truly charming Malt with a richly spiced character fused with vanilla (from the bourbon casks used), sweet stewed fruit, Christmas pudding, dark chocolate, zesty orange and sweet tobacco.

Inspired by the long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, which are renowned for being sweet yet rather mischievous dogs, it was felt the Scallywag name and Fox Terrier design was most fitting for this richly spiced and deliciously sweet Speyside Vatted Malt.”

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