ledaig – 10

46,3% abv, €35, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: medicinal, smoke, peat, sweet, nuts, young hazelnuts, salt, briny, mussels
Palate: sweet, fruit, soft caramel apples, spicy, black pepper, cinnamon, light smoke, floral, heather
Finish: spicy, firm, sweet, honey, medium long, slight smoke
Mark: +++/++

Conclusion: a good dram to have on a rainy evening in the fall. Just as we are having at the moment of tasting this. Although she is quite heavily peated with 30-40 ppm, she is a whole different dram from the peated malts from Islay. For the price, she would not be misplaced on your average whisky-shelf.

I would love to taste this when it would have matured in a good first-fill ex-Sherry cask. I will be on the look-out for an independent bottler with these specifications. Tips are – as always – very welcome.

More info: ten year old, peated Tobermory.


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