.isle of jura – prophecy

.new bottle

46% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, caramel E150 added

Nose: iodine, peat smoke, mint, eucalyptus, mussels, gingerbread, salted butter
Palate: sweet, honey, peat smoke, spicy, white pepper
Finish: medium smoke, medium dry, medium long, slight tannins
Mark: ++/+++

Conclusion: The nose is messed up. Like some other Jura whiskies, this needs a splash of water, or you might think about warming it a little in your hands. If you are a hospital worker, you might not notice the heavy iodine at first, but that goes away with said water and warmth. All in all not bad, but it is average at best. And that is me being generous because some time ago I really enjoyed their releases.

More info: According to the Jura website the Prophecy is heavily peated and matured (!?) without chill-filtration in ex-Limousine casks.

I have tasted Jura whiskies from independent bottlers that were unrecognisable fruity, balanced and enjoyable, but I have never dared to purchase a bottle. Maybe, just maybe, if Isle of Jura distillers would ease a little on E150 caramel colouring when bottling, I would give them another chance, but for now, I am not even thinking of purchasing another one of their bottles.


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