.la maison de la mirabelle – whisky de lorraine g. rozelieures – rare collection

.picture by
Franck Debernardi

40% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: young, spirit, chalk, citrus, hay, fresh ground grains, stables, cereal, sawdust, wood, plums, a hint of smoke, sweet, honey, floral
Palate: young, slight bitter, sweet, vanilla, sugarcane, apples, citrus peel, wood
Finish: apples, short, apple peel, slight bitter, metallic, blood, sweet, vanilla, apple syrup
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: This may need some more time, but shows a lot of promise.

More info: First whisky in the #FrenchWhiskyTT French Whisky Twitter Tasting organised by Franck Debernardi. The whisky matured (for an unknown period) in ex-Sherry, ex-Cognac and ex-Sauternes casks.


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