.old pulteney – pentland skerries

46% abv, €70, single malt

Nose: salt, medicinal, smoke, seaweed, slight iodine, cheese, parmesan, hard old cheese, rum soaked raisins, sultanas
Palate: sweet, honey, vanilla, rum soaked raisins, slight salty
Finish: spicy, pepper, quite short, dry, a hint of mint
Mark: +++/++

Conclusion: The ex-Sherry casks have a great influence on the nice spirit. Although it is a nice drink, as with most Old Pulteneys the pricing is a bit too steep for my wallet, and I rather get something else and more spectacular for my money.

More info from the website: “The Lighthouse Collection, developed exclusively for Travel Retail the Lighthouse Collection. The series features three distinctive new expressions which have been inspired by the maritime routes and celebrate three historic lighthouses situated near the costal distillery in Wick.

Pentland Skerries: Encased in striking purple packaging, this design features images of two lighthouses of the same name. Developed with input from renowned Scottish engineer Robert Stevenson, the Pentland Skerries lighthouses were built in 1794 on the uninhabited Pentland Skerries islands off the far north eastern coast, en route to Orkney. The whisky is matured in Spanish ex sherry casks and has a sweet, full-bodied taste with hints of raisins, spices and chocolate.”


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