.imperial – 1995 – the ultimate

46% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: fruit, fresh ripe apples and pears, with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel toffee, green bananas and a lot of Turkish delight.
Palate: at first she is a bit spirity, feint and rough, with some citrus fruit like pineapple and yellow grapefruit. After a little time in the glass, she gets stronger and sweeter with a hint of Turkish delight. A little bit of the feints remains, even after adding a little water.
Finish: long, gentle and smooth, with a little bite, sweet, vanilla, white and milk chocolate, floral, violets.
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Conclusion: Taste is a bit off at first, but the nose and finish are nice. She needs a little time in the glass, but then she will open and release some nice fresh and sweet scents and flavours. She cannot handle too much water, but a little drop will help her let go.

More info: The distillery stopped producing in 1998, and was demolished in 2013 to make room for a brand new “green” distillery on the same location. Most likely it will not have the Imperial name and is planned to operate as a “high quality filler malt for the Pernod Ricard blends”.

Distilled on 21/08/1995, matured in hogshead #50134, bottled on 04/06/2013 in bottle #303 of 351.

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