.glen highland class – 13yo – malts of Scotland

50% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: very dry red wine/ sherry, some wood, rather sweet with honey, caramel and toffee-apples, citrus, oranges and orange-peel, floral, geraniums, a hint of fresh ground coffee and a whiff of mint
Palate: strong, dry, heavily sherried and sweet like honey. There is a lot of dried stone fruits available, like raisins, plums and apricots, all mixed with a little marmalade
Finish: strong and dry. Lots of tannins, a slight marmalade-like bitter, sweet from honey and – again – raisins
Mark: ++/+++

Conclusion: very nice indeed, but nothing special. It is quite a sherry-bomb, which I happen to like very much. Sadly, it has this ultra-sweet finish that is very successful in getting the glaze of your teeth. With a drop of water it settles a little, but not much. A good price though, and it would hold up very well next to another sherry-bomb like, for example the Glenfaclas 105.

More info: It is thought to be a Glengoyne, but I have not found anything making it so. I did not drink enough Glengoyne yet to compare and confirm.

Distilled in 1999, obviously matured in ex-Sherry vessels, bottled in 2013 into 999 bottles at 50%. The last in a series of five different distilleries, of which this is the only undisclosed bottling.


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