.té bheag

40% abv, €30, blend, non-chill filtered

Nose: fresh, sweet, honey, vanilla, fruit, dates, prunes, apples, floral, apple juice, liquorice
Palate: sweet, honey, dry, tannins, liquorice, a hint of white pepper
Finish: short, sweet, honey, liquorice, smoke
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Nothing much wrong with this, although it is nothing to get too excited about either. I can recommend this for whoever needs an upgrade from Johnnie red like drams. It is easy going for an honest price.
This was the first whisky I bought many years ago, around the time I got more and more interested in whisky.

More info: This is one of the two blends produced by the Gaelic Whisky Company, headquartered on the Isle of Skye, where they also create the MacNaMara blend, and the Poit Dhubh blended malt. All their products are not chill-filtered “in keeping with traditional methods, retaining all of the natural ingredients, resulting in a smoother, softer flavour.”, which I applaud.
With a slightly higher abv I think it would be more enjoyable, but I have not seen a bottle of the existing 43% version in my liquor stores yet. When anyone has a sample, I am open for sharing.


One thought on “.té bheag

  1. Hey Thomas, Nice conclusion. I would certainly underline the conclusion with “Nothing much wrong with this, although it is nothing to get too excited about either.” On the other side , the price is about 20 euro's. and in week 43 and 44 even 17,50 Does this change your opinion?


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