.bruichladdich – black art 3.1

48,7% abv, €110, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: wood, sweet, red wine, red fruit, cherries, red berries, strawberries
Palate: sweet, firm, spicy, honey, red wine, dry, cherries, berries, wood
Finish: firm, sweet, honey, long, medium dry
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Yeah, well, we bought a bottle, so…

More info from the website: The “Black Art”of distiller Jim McEwan: even we don’t know how Jim has conjured-up this sublime dram – this is something he alone has crafter (in the dead of night?). A dark, sensuous whisky, very fine, incredibly elegant, decadently hued, perplexingly complex, mischievously prepared and subtly provocative. Beguiling, otherworldly… inspired.

In other words: Nobody seems to know what casks are used except Jim McEwan. Only known fact is that everything in the bottle is over 22 years of age.


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