.the snow grouse

40% abv, €25, blended grain

Nose: nothing much at first, later vanilla, and that’s about it.
Palate: smooth, nothing much, a little vanilla and a slight bitter
Finish: short, bitter
Mark: +/++++

Conclusion: Boring, less disgusting as remembered from an earlier tasting on a festival, but not something I would get into the house to enjoy. I would rather buy wodka.

More info from the websiteLike the hardy Ptarmigan or The Snow Grouse (Lagopus Mutus) as it’s known in the Scottish Highlands, this Blended Grain Scotch Whisky is perfectly at home in severely cold conditions. The unique and extra gentle Smoothchill™ Filtration process that the spirit goes through, produces a remarkably light Scotch whisky that retains all of its sweet, smooth flavours and results in a completely new taste sensation, a sweet gloopy mouth-feel and a cool taste explosion when served ‘seriously chilled’. So try it neat after it has been exposed to a short spell in the Arctic conditions of your freezer.


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