.balcones – 5th anniversary straight bourbon – mom exclusive

64,2% abv, €110, straight bourbon, non-chill filtered, natural color

Nose: sharp, sweet, sweet corn, vanilla, feint, glue, caramel apples, citrus, oranges, caramel, hay, apple crumble cake, a whiff of burnt matches,
Palate: sharp, sweet, honey, vanilla, honey, salted butter, liquorice, star-anise, citrus, black/white powder (liquorice)
Finish: long, dry, sweet, black tea, tannins, metallic, fresh, mint, star-anise,
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Good stuff. I am not a big fan of bourbon per se, but it can also turn out that I have not tasted enough good ones yet. This certainly is one of the good ones, most definately.

More info: This batch of Balcones’ 5th Anniversary Straight Bourbon is one of only ten bottles sold by Master of Malt in the UK from september 1st 2013.

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