.balcones – ‘1’ Texas Single Malt

58% abv, €90, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural color

Nose: sweet, vanilla, gentle, pear, warm caramel apples, cinnamon, walnuts, pistachio nuts, chocolate, melting butter
Palate: sweet, sugarcane, vanilla, spicy, white pepper, caramel apples, cinnamon, milk chocolate, ginger bread
Finish: medium long, sweet, gentle, sweet, cinnamon, pistachio nuts
Mark: ++++/+

Conclusion: This is nice. The gentle body and sett, caramel like taste and finish are wonderful. Certainly something to look out for when having a budget to spend on something special. Very surprising.

More info  from their website: 100% of Balcones whisky is mashed, fermented and distilled at our distillery. We never resell whisky from other distilleries or source aged whisky barrels for blending under the Balcones label.

This is authentic craft whisky. It has not been chill-filtered, colored or otherwise unnecessarily tampered with to ensure that its full aroma and flavor are preserved. As a result, you may notice a slight haze or sediment in the bottle – signs of the rich oils and esters that we have not removed so that your whisky can be enjoyed at its best.


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