.lagavulin – islay jazz 2012

54.5% abv, €500, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: candle-wax accompanied by a whiff of smoke, unripe fruit, green pears, citrus, lemon, lime-zest, and tangerines, vanilla and raisins
Palate: a very gentle, sugar-sweet, tropical fruit-bowl with mangos and pineapple. More vanilla and caramel, some star-anise and spicy, like jalapeño peppers
Finish: a light smoke at first, after a while, it gives a sweet, medium long, fruity and dry afterthought
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: It is a great dram this. I would not refuse it if you would give me one, but I cannot believe this has been the price for this. Yes, it is a rare find and highly collectible, but come on; there are fifteen year olds to be found with much more interesting characteristics, with the same specifications.

Not in 500 years, I won’t.

More info: refill ex-Sherry butt, single cask, cask strength, bottle #358 of 624, cask #1894, 07/05/1997 – 13/06/2012

Tasted at the distillery manager’s tour at the Lagavulin distillery, May 2013


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