.lagavulin – 31yo – warehouse sample

??% abv, €??, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colour

Nose: sweet vanilla and banana – you know the banana foam candies? That. Feint smoke accompanied with a salty brininess and somewhere there is a fresh citrusy lime note hiding.
Palate: gentle, mouthwatering sweet vanilla and honey convert into spicy jalapeños in the center of the mouth, around which mild smoke and ash, mixed with red fruit like raspberries and honey-sweet heather blossom and violets play around. The slightest bitter note, as if chewing on grass is making it a bit weird.
Finish: a firm, long and dry metallic smoke experience.

Mark: +++++

Conclusion: great, was it not for the final metallic finish. Still, I would like a bottle, but I fear when if this would ever be bottled, it would be far above my pay grade. (Boss: if you read this, you can help me out!)

More info: Distilled late 1981/ early 1982, sample pulled on May 29, 2013
Strangely enough, no wood or nutty flavours. This cask can go on for another while, were it not that it has been used for demonstrations and training purposes, so it has lost a lot of content and alcohol. This one has been just for the lucky few of us, I guess. If there are more of this type of cask somewhere in the warehouses of Lagavulin, there could be something pretty awaiting us in some years time…

Tasted at the distillery manager’s tour at the Lagavulin distillery, May 2013

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