.scapa – 16

40% abv, €55, single malt, caramel E150a added

Nose: sweet, caramel, vanilla, gentle, mild, round, fruits, apples
Palate: spicy, white pepper but also gentle, smooth and sweet vanilla
Finish: long, lingering, warm, nice spice, and a tiny marmalade (which is nice) bitter, dry. Later a metallic taste emerges, as if I am having a small piece of aluminium foil in my mouth. Otherwise it would have had a higher score.
Score: +++++

Conclusion: Very nice. There aren’t too many negative things to be found in the bottle, aside from that I am not too enthusiastic about the little too gentle nose, and the metallic after-finish.

More info: The Scapa 16 is the only available Scapa as an official bottling. Earlier there have been a 12 and after that a 14, but both have been replaced by this elegant version of 16 years old, matured solely on ex-Bourbon casks. It is too bad the distillery is not open for visitors, because I would like to see the insides of this small distillery next time we are visiting the island of Orkney.


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