.connemara – peated single malt

A re-review of this Irish double distilled single malt. I have had a bottle of this some years ago, and then it was one of my first tasting notes. Friend and liquor store owner Guus gave us a sample to try, and make tasting notes for his Facebook page, and for me this was an excellent moment to have another go.

40% abv, €40, single malt, caramel E150 added

Nose: fruity, dried prunes, sweet, vanilla, fresh and sour apples, citrus, wet forest, a hint of smoke
Palate: light, sweet, floral, honeysuckle, creamy, herbal, cloves, cinnamon, earthy, mushrooms, a touch of raisins
Finish: sweet, vanilla, medium long, sour gooseberries, lemon-zest, dried prunes, a hint of smoke
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: I am less impressed now as I was back then. I found her to be something else from your average Scottish single malt, but having tried her again, she is just “one of the girls”, but from another island. 

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