.big peat

46% abv, €40, blended malt

Nose: peat-smoke, slight sweet, tangerines
Palate: at first very gentle, then peppers and bittersweet.
Finish: gentle, bitter, returns as smoke turning into an ashtray that does not leave anymore…
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: not a favourite to me. I like a sip of Islay whisky from time to time and I have been driven to drinking whisky because of the (at first) strange addition of peat in the drink. This, however, is nothing more to me then drinking out of a glass that has been used as an ashtray on a party. With the cigaret butts still in the glass. Washing it away with a glass of Coca-cola wasn’t an option, but a necessity. No.
The mark is only this high because of the fine nose and palate. It will not be found in my cabinet any time soon…

More info: this is an Islay blended malt of Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and even Port Ellen whiskies, amongst others.


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