.bowmore – 15 – darkest

43% abv, single malt, caramel e150a added

Nose: she starts with a sweet nose, adding a briny yet honey-sweet layer over the citrus, a hint of almonds and freshly mowed grass, red fruits, plums and dried muesli and fresh sawdust, completed with a hint of peat.
Palate: in the honey-sweet taste that starts soft, but gets sharper over time, like white pepper. I have found some smoke, more red fruit – especially berries and some caramel.
Finish: it finishes quite spicy at first, last a little longer then her younger siblings and ends in a bitter aftertaste, with a hint of tobacco.
Marks: +++++

Conclusion: getting there, but still not a favourite. I am not sure what it is in Bowmores, but I am just not a fan.

More info: She started her life just about the same way as the twelve year old, but has been transferred into ex-Oloroso butts for a period of three years. My opinion is that the ex-Oloroso has been used before for another ‘more premium’ whisky, having in a less spectacular result then you might have from other brands’ sherry finishes.


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