.ardbeg – blasda


Oh wow. It appears I almost made a big booboo here. I was emptying the bottle when Ansgar asked me if I ever made a note. Which I appear never to have done. Sure, whisky is for drinking, and if it happens that I empty a bottle before making a note, it happens. But when I have the chance to make a note, I will do so. Especially with Ardbeg, who have captured a special place in my heart.

So, here we go, with the last drops of my bottle.

40% abv, €40
single malt, non-chill filtered

Nose: Ardbeg. Hints of smoke, sweet, caramel, toffee, fresh vanilla pods, floral, heather, hot wax, eucalyptus leaves, coffee, burned cocoa beans
Palate: creamy, sweet, toffee, fresh vanilla pods, hints of smoke, salted butter, floral, heather, citrus, orange peel, marmalade
Finish: only a hint of smoke, gentle, sweet, fudge, toffee, floral, heather, citrus, liquorice root
Mark: +++++

Conclusion: Yea, I am going to miss this dram… There was a lot of noise about this dram when it came onto the market in 2008. It wasn’t a proper Ardbeg, it was sacrilege, or even a blend between Ardbeg and Glen Moray (someone must have had their information mixed up with the Serendipity bottling there), but one way or another, it has never sold well. A shame really, because it is a really, really good dram. I recently wondered if this might have been the most underrated Ardbeg ever. Sure, it was made from barley with a lower ppm reading, but in every other aspect she is, always was, and always will be, an Ardbeg.

I loved you, Blasda. Rest in peace, may you rise again and return to us soon.


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